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About GBRS Group

GBRS Group is a Veteran-Owned, Tier 1 Training and Services organization committed to imparting critical skills and real-world experiences to end-users in military, federal, State and local special operations units.

At the heart of GBRS Group lies the unwavering pursuit of excellence. We don’t just equip, we empower. We do this through a few different verticals within the company.

First, by offering cutting-edge gear born from combat-tested lessons and pioneering advancements in the form of our hard good product lines. Second, our soft goods line pushes a message of positivity and supports our commitment to our goal of being 1% better every day while bringing awareness of the importance of mental health. Third, the Fitness Program designed by our Strength and Conditioning Coach Mr. Vernon Griffith, is expertly designed from years training Tier 1 operators and disabled Veterans to enhance physical capabilities and longevity regardless of our age or limitations due to injuries. This program is designed to scale as you get stronger and offer you freedom of physical movement. Our last vertical is our Patreon subscription services where we post private content, training videos, Q/A’s and monthly live streams. This membership also offers the unique opportunity to train with our team and like- minded individuals to increase their overall performance and network through our Knowledge Transfer Collective “KTC” Courses. These courses are typically a three-day format and cover all aspects of firearm and mindset development. Our focus extends beyond the battlefield to ensure peak performance in every facet of life.

The relentless pursuit of excellence to ensure the highest level of performance in all aspects of life, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

GBRS Group is unique as our founding members are composed exclusively of Special Mission Unit Veterans and our extended instructor network is selected from retired Special Mission Unit Operators from across the service branches. We are obsessively committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence and our founders collectively possess more than 34 years of special operations experience.

We provide experience based solutions for a world in constant motion.

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